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6 January, 2016

Tempeh tofu veggie curry Indonesian style / Santan / traditional Lombok wedding authentic recipe

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Authentic World Food notes How to cook.

Vegetable curry with tempeh Hey, there’s Bo on the road and Authentic World Food.

Beware beware, I had the Indonesian beauty salon where I’m preparing for a true genuine Indonesian wedding.

Not So on my own, but traditional wedding island of Lombok in the family of my Indonesian friends.

Weddings here maj really great and of course to have served a special meal.

Food is not served all at once as we used to, but guests receive food gradually as soon as they come.

Everyone waits for food under these colorful baskets against flies, which you see here on the side.

And the goodness that lurks below it is called Santan.

It is the Indonesian curries, where there are plenty of coconut milk, vegetables and pleasantly spicy.

Today, check out one street restaurants on how to make vegetable fried tofu and tempeh.

First, prepare homemade coconut milk.

Coconut meat first ground in a blender with water and then wrung so gradually over sejtko.

Then smeared a paste of red chillies with a piece of fresh turmeric, a little salt and glutamate in this traditional mortar, they call Ĩobek.

Glutamate in Indonesian cuisine are used quite commonly.

Gradually add a few cloves of garlic and shallots, and also smeared into paste.

This is shrimp paste.

It has quite a specific smell.

Not everyone smells.

But if you add to foods in reasonable quantities, gives it an interesting flavor.

Paste put into the pot with coconut milk and put to the side so far.

Then deep-fried until golden tofu cut into about 1 cm thick slices, drain and put aside.

Do the same with tempeh.

Meanwhile, prepare the vegetables.

This is Kotor.

It’s something between a pumpkin and cucumber.

Feel free to replace it with zucchini or eggplant, which in this type of curry is also commonly used.

Then chopped green beans.

And the last is kang kung vegetables, which is a water spinach.

Removes hardened the stems and apply only nice sheets.

Pot with coconut milk and a paste of spices put on the fire and add the pulp of tamarind.

Of tamarind already removed the shell, so only rozemnou flesh with a little coconut milk to remove it from the seeds.

Milk bring to the boil, add vegetables, meat broth powder and cook for about 8 minutes.

Then add fried tofu and tempe and leave so two minutes to warm up.

And we serve! Most often with rice and other Indonesian delicacies.

So it was a wedding specials on the Indonesian island of Lombok.

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